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About DMC Business Services:
At DMC Business Services, we like to be the liaison between you and your CPA, which makes the entire process more efficient and cost effective. Located in Vancouver, WA, we provide specialized business solutions by pairing accounting and technical skills with a passion to provide excellent customer service.  We welcome small to medium sized businesses of many types in the greater Portland, OR metropolitan area on both sides of the Columbia. We can also work remotely supporting those in other parts of the country. Our goal is to streamline your processes with your books and more, so you have more time for what you love and enjoy – running your OWN business!

About Donna Crawley:
About - Donna CrawleyI am a San Francisco native, alumni of the University of San Francisco, who discovered early on in life that those “I will never…” phrases will come back to haunt you. One of my old “never say never” phrases was “I will never have anything to do with computers or accounting”. I had various accounting positions in the corporate world as well as freelance accounting. I took a turn in my work roles and got involved in retail management in the high end fashion world. While in one of these roles, I still enjoyed exploring inventory management software and seemed to always be the ‘go-to’ person when there were issues with the cash register system. My manager at the time mentioned that there was an ad for a position at Intuit that might be a great fit for me. I trekked down to the corporate office of Intuit back in the day and got started with a process that had changed my life.

I applied for one of 16 positions to learn, support and test the new product that was not even released yet: QuickBooks! I was selected out of over 2,000 applicants. The company at the time had less than 100 employees. Little did I know that in a short amount of time, the popularity of QuickBooks would explode! I soon learned to love and embrace change and the software world in general. In the course of my 20 plus years at Intuit, I had about as many different roles, and was part of any and every pilot program I could think of. My last role was supporting the group I love and am now part of: the ProAdvisors, where my special areas of focus for escalations were payroll and systems. I was able to work remotely and continue my role when I moved up to Vancouver, WA to be near my family. All this ended when my group was part of a large 800 person reduction in force/restructuring and my employment with Intuit ended. About 3 months later, I hired on to another software company, only to be part of a RIF after 15 months. I knew at this point, I needed to pursue what I love:  “computers and accounting”!

I started out as a Mac user and as part of my yearn to learn, ended up being MS Certified for an earlier version of Windows. My ability to correct many of my own system and hard drive dilemmas tells me that I do have the type of drive and persistence needed to provide good service and attention to detail while solving complex problems. I truly enjoy being part of the small business community and offering what I can to help others be successful. Product discounts, business advice, assistance with payroll taxes, cleaning up accounting or balance sheet messes, one on one training- these are just a few of the things I can offer. I am also a local business partner/consultant for Agiliron and Acctivate.

My outside interests include exploring the great outdoors: camping, hiking, walks on the beach (drives to the coast). I love music and try to support my favorite artists by seeing live shows.  I also enjoy art museums, interesting local cuisine and occasional Opera, all of which are integral parts of the NW culture or a great excuse to visit a destination city. My husband and I both like collecting antiques and selling at comic book swaps. My spare time at home is spent nurturing a growing rose garden and a vegetable garden that changes and expands every year.

DMC Business Services: Bridging the gap between technology and your finances – being sensible about your dollars and cents, while simplifying your data and your life!

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